"The Henson Building in Oval Road was the former puppet works of Jim Henson, creator of ‘The Muppets’. It faces the Regent’s Canal in Camden, close to Camden Lock. We were commissioned by Londonewcastle and the Community Housing Group (One Housing Group) to deliver the mixed-use refurbishment scheme from an initial concept by Robert O’Hara. In response to local market requirements, the office space has been specifically created for companies in the media and arts sectors. The original canal-side façade has been retained and modified to include an additional intermediate floor and two rooftop penthouse levels. The scheme creates 52 private, contemporary, ‘loft style’ apartments and 24 social housing rented apartments around a newly formed atrium. Client: Londonewcastle" from https://www.tps.eu.com/henson-camden

The Henson, 30 Oval Road is steeped in TV and film history...

"It’s time to get started on the Muppet House tonight"

That’s right, the Creature Shop that used to house Jim Henson’s furry cast is now a mixed use residential and business redevelopment since a fire destoryed the warehouse and creative creatures within.

The Henson Building, as it’s still known, is on 30 Oval Road in an imposing Victorian warehouse in the bustle of Camden Town.

From 1992, this space was used to maintain and create a number of classic critters, from Kermit the Frog to Babe the Pig to Fluffy the three-headed dog, from the first Harry Potter film. This site is also where George Lucas created Yoda for the Star Wars franchise.

The force is strong with this one.

The Henson Building in Camden, a Victorian factory, old printing works and former home to Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

A landmark canalside building developed by Londonewcastle.

The Henson is located on Oval Road, equidistant to the amenities of both Primrose Hill Village and Camden Town.

Additionally, Camden Town Underground Station (Northern Line) and the open spaces of both Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are within close proximity.