Action Plan 2014

Oval Road Estate Management Plan

Your local offer

The Action Plan

This action plan details the services available to our tenants/residents and how they will be involved in monitoring and evaluating the plan and sets standards for communicating and consulting on a regular basis. This is also known as a local offer.

There is an ongoing action list which aims to respond to issues raised by tenants and residents during estate meetings. This section will be updated on a regular basis and will form part of the agenda for the monitoring group meetings. The plan forms an agreement between One Housing Group and our residents of 30 Oval Road Camden NW1

More information about One Housing Group’s policies and procedures and service standards can be found in the tenant/residents handbook and also on One Housing Group’s website onehousinggroup.co.uk

What are the objectives of the Action Plan?

  • To set out clearly the level of service you can expect to receive.
  • To involve all tenants, residents and young people in setting and monitoring the quality of the service delivered.
  • To identify problems and improve services if needed.
  • To strengthen the partnership between tenants, residents and One Housing Group and improve how we communicate and consult with you.
  • To seek to resolve problems by working with our partners in the area, such as the local authority, the Police, local businesses and other public and voluntary organisations who can help to improve and maintain a good quality of life on the estate.
  • To support One Housing Group’s residents in developing and maintaining a community spirit whereby tenants and residents and One Housing Group aim to eliminate, litter, graffiti, vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
  • To be mindful at all times of equality and diversity. Where a need is identified, One Housing Group will respond to ensure that an appropriate service is provided tailored to meet an individuals needs, for example producing this document in larger print.
  • To keep residents informed of the names and contact numbers of all staff who deliver services to your neighbourhood.

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