One Housing Resident Organisation Agreement

OH recognises the importance of resident groups and resident engagement. Through the Resident Engagement team, OH is committed to providing information, consultation, advice and resources which enable resident groups to fulfil their aims and objectives.

1.0 This agreement is between One Housing (OH) and ……………………… This sets out the support that OH will provide to the group and the responsibilities the group will need to meet as part of its annual review meeting.

2.0 What will One Housing do:

2.1 Resident support: We will support ENTER NAME by:

a) providing support to help the organisation’s committee circulate meeting notes, agendas and papers and monitoring action points from meetings where they are not able to;

b) assisting with agendas and planning meetings where required by the chair of the organisation;

c) encourage appropriate OH officers attend meetings when requested;

d) providing relevant information on OH activities and wider housing issues;

e) promoting, providing and organising training in conjunction with the organisation;

f) providing translation, interpreting and signing as required by the organisation;

g) providing the services of the OH Resident Engagement team at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and for committee elections.

2.2 Access to information and advice: OH will help to promote the organisation through the provision of:

a) information relevant to the aims of the organisation;

b) advice and assistance on fostering good relations with other resident groups;

c) advice and assistance on publicising the work of the organisation;

d) advice and support on how to resolve any difficulties encountered by the organisation.

2.3 Annual grant funding: similar to other housing associations, OH will provide an annual grant up to £500 dependent on the stock profile covered by the TRA and the formality of the group. The more formal the organisation of the group, the more likely the availability of grant; provision of grant will be at the discretion of the Resident Engagement Manager The purpose of the grant is for the organisation to cover operational costs such as:

· administration costs

· promotion and marketing costs and expenses

· childcare costs

· transport and travel costs

· short courses

· meeting venue costs including a crèche

· refreshments

· subscriptions

· conference attendance and accommodation

· other costs association with the effective running of the organisation

2.4 If the organisation is in doubt about spending their grant then they can seek advice from their Resident Engagement Officer

2.5 The Resident Engagement team will also support the organisation investigate options for long-term funding to assist its own development.

3.0 What will the residents group do:

3.1 Governance: The organisation will act in accordance with its aims and objectives and carry out its business as set out in its constitution. The organisation will observe its own equal opportunities and/or diversity policy/ies.

3.2 Meetings: To assist OH with fulfilling its financial and regulatory requirements, the organisation will notify OH of its meeting dates and will provide OH with copies of all minutes, newsletters or similar publicity material sent to residents.

3.3 Annual general meeting: The organisation will hold its annual general meeting (AGM) in accordance with its rules. The organisation will invite OH to send a representative to the AGM and provide OH with a copy of the annual accounts.

4.0 Resolving disputes:

4.1 If the organisation believes that OH is not meeting its commitments as set out in this Agreement, it should use OH complaints procedure to resolve the dispute. If OH believes the organisation is not acting according to its constitution and code of conduct, it will enter into negotiations with the organisation to try to resolve issues within a reasonable timescale.

5.0 Dissolution of the organisation:

5.1 Any dissolution of the organisation will be carried according to the organisation’s constitution.

This agreement is signed and dated on behalf of OH

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This agreement is signed and dated on behalf of _______________

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