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TUES 10 MAR - Estate Safety Warning

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Two men smash their way into the building through the outer refuse room double doors

given access to our building and communal areas by problem tenant on 1st floor, who unlatches the left side of the double doors to compromise the mag locks to be able to force them open with violent force

This was witnessed and recorded on video

Monday 10th March 16:37 Police report reference CAD5543/10MAR20

The Police kindly attended very quickly.

2020 March



Sun 8 MAR - Estate Safety Warning

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Rough sleeper in communal hallway, burning drugs, blocking flat doors, disturbing and frightening residents 4am - 5am Sunday morning

given access to our building and communal areas by problem tenant on 1st floor

This is also a severe compromising of our hygiene, especially during the coronavirus issue

Sunday 8th March 04:39am Police report reference CAD1472/08MAR20

The Police kindly attended and removed the person, who said he had been let in by friend on floor below.

2020 March




Monday 2nd March - No fencing put up TODAY, that was promised Thursday, when it was delivered.

This fencing is needed to prevent drug related crime and rough sleeping in the concealed areas created by this 2 year temporary portacabin office/meeting room there since Thursday 27th February, in front of Oval Road Estate on the east side of Gilbeys Yard with no notice or consultation with residents by One Housing or Countryside.

2020 March




Thursday 27th February - Countryside, One Housing's redevelopment partner went ahead and put a 2 year temporary portacabin office/meeting room in front of our homes today 15:38 ahead of planning permission being granted or even having our comments submitted or considered. See planning application details below at this link

2020 February

There are additional immediate concerns created now by this unscheduled arrival, for instance, that this unit provides cover for the well documented and reported drug issues on this yard, so I went down and spoke to the Countryside operative that was overseeing the delivery truck drivers work. The Countryside operative said that they had fencing planned to prevent access to the areas between the unit and the walls, that are due to arrive in 4 days on Monday 2nd March.


Housing Services -

Building Entry Doors and Utility Cupboard doors - Repairs & Maintenance -

2020 February

Tuesday 25th February 2020 - An ETech operative called this morning ( thank you for contacting our representative to be able to give accurate feedback ) to assess the Building Entry Doors and Utility Cupboard doors that we have been reporting for a long time.

During this visit I found that the Inner Refuse Room door hinge had been moved down from the split damaged wood (this must have happened yesterday, Monday 24th February 2020) to enable that fire door to close, though the actual door remains an uncleanable health hazard caused by One Direct operative Mickey not replacing it "like for like" on 4th April 2017. It should be a white powder coated cleanable surface door like those in the basement utility cupboards.

The Inner Refuse Room door also needs to have the fob key security on the inside of the refuse room to secure the mailroom lobby and all communal areas from criminals that get into the refuse room, with a basic release button to get into the refuse room from the mailroom lobby.

The 2nd floor utility cupboard door had been fixed enabling it to be locked, and the ETech operative made a plan to fix the latches for those double doors, his report to be submitted to his office and then hopefully One Housing will respond positively in reasonable time. The 4th floor double utility cupboard door latch was still seized closed, and a plan was suggested by the ETech operative, this is needed for clear access to the 4th floor TV aerial and satellite control panels.

ETech measured the outer refuse room doors which I explained all parties had concluded over a very long time that these soft bendy aluminium doors needed replacing with rigid doors to match security strength of the main gate next to it, as the present aluminium doors are too flexible, especially with the bottom latch broken and the top latch being unlatched constantly by the problem tenant without keys. This security compromise is what allows the rough sleeping drug users and criminals. Recent 4am burglar intruder included.

We looked at the ground floor stairs door and the ETech operative came up with a good suggestion to replace the top mag lock that is not strong enough, due again to the bendy soft nature of its aluminium frame, to put a proper bolt lock in the middle at the handle to significantly increase the strength of this entry point.

I hope that the ETech offices will provide One Housing these suggestions and quotes and that One Housing will organise the approval of these essential safety measures as soon as possible.

Was surprised to find a note scribbled and stuck on the outer Refuse Room double doors top latch, see photo below, which seems to be a complaint about "junkies", I can understand this frustration as this is the point that lets criminal drug addicts into our communal areas, guided by the one problem tenant in the building. Hope that whoever took the time to do this also took the time to make a proper report to One Housing, Police and Council as we need more than one representative reporting issues properly.

Inner Refuse Room door hinge
The 4th floor double utility cupboard doors
the outer Refuse Room double doors top latch


Housing Services -

One of the two Lift lights have been broken & Reported for too long - Repairs & Maintenance -

2020 February

Tuesday 25th February 2020 - Still broken. This puts us halfway to total darkness in that little lift, and when it does go dark, many wheelchair bound have to suffer being in that small dark space to get in and out of the building, as has happened before, causing severe distress to those disabled that don't understand what is happening. As we have stated previously, the lift lights need converting to LED lights that last so much longer, and don't cause heat and won't be damaged by the movement and vibration of its normal operation.

The last photo I have of both lights working is 21st November 2019 then photos show it broken since 3rd January 2020. So its approaching 3 months unrepaired.


Housing Services -

On site Meeting with Property Management representatives - Repairs & Maintenance -

2020 February

Friday 21st February 2020 - In response to our reports and complaints of the property management we finally had our first on site inspection that a tenant could give feedback at of the estate in 7 months since the one 6 hour meeting with the then new Property Manager on 18 July 2019.


Housing Services -

Cleaning / Electrical Repairs & Maintenance -

2020 February

Thursday 20th February 2020 - Relieved to report that despite the cleaning schedule on the lobby notice board itemising just one clean per week on a Tuesday, that our cleaning is actually provided on Monday mornings and then a second clean on Thursdays or Fridays. This information was provided by our new cleaner, Philip of OHG Estate Services. Hope this ends the problems we have had getting basic reliable cleaning on the estate.

Also got them a power socket key for their hoover from One Direct Electrical Manager, who also locked the last remaining communal socket in the entry gateway. This should end the abuse of our communal electricity supply, which we all pay for in our service charges.

Thanks again to One Direct Electrical Department for providing a good service and representing themselves so well.





Demolition Work to Commence at Petrol Station

2020 February

13 February 2020

Today's message from St George, the developer:

Dear Neighbour,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that demolition of the Morrisons Petrol Filling Station will start on Monday 2nd March 2020.

To enable this work to commence, highway works will take place between 24th and 28th February. These works will include:

  • Closing the existing Chalk Farm Road exit from Morrisons for public use, and temporary reconfiguration of the existing Juniper Crescent junction with Chalk Farm Road to allow two-way traffic to and from the Morrisons store.

  • Access connecting Chalk Farm Road, Juniper Crescent and the Morrisons store will always remain open.

I have attached a letter with this email, which was distributed to surrounding properties this week.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

The Camden Goods Yard Team

CGY Demolition Work to Commence.pdf



Wed 12 Feb - Estate Safety Warning

> due to One Housing not securing the building

a masked intruder was in the building communal hallways last night for at least an hour around 4 - 5am listening against flat doors and trying to get into homes.

He Managed to open at least one flat door, waking and scaring that family with the security chain thankfully preventing full entry.

This was a very tall white male in his 20's or 30's dressed in all black clothing including balaclava mask, then later seen around 5am he had taken off black hooded coat revealing a bright orange coat with the mask pulled down to reveal dark stubble.

Please quote these Police report references if you have any information - Crime Reference CR2304953/20 and CAD1871/12FEB20

I hope everyone is alright and will make sure you always fully lock your flat doors when inside as well as out.

2020 February




One Housing continue to disrespect their tenants with zero communication or consultation, on more major changes...

2020 February

This is a large proposed portacabin structure to be positioned on the doorstep of Oval Road Estate for 2 years

In the middle of the 15 Gilbeys Yard Estate resident parking spaces, on a surface of historic cobble stones with rail tracks, and vaults and tunnels underneath that are part of the heritage protection area of the listed Interchange Building.

This proposal has been submitted to Camden Council, as a planning application. Meaning that One Housing have made their plans and decisions and gone ahead to apply for planning permission as if there's no one on Gilbeys Yard that would be affected.

The Council have done the usual democratic thing and published details on their website, announcing it to the members of the public that are subscribed to their Planning alerts mailing list on 12th February. You have until the comments deadline of midnight 03-03-2020, to file your support or opposition here.

This is not a respectful way for One Housing's affected tenants to find out what their own landlord is doing on their doorstep. Not a word of consultation with any of the One Housing tenants on this yard. Such is the low that One Housing has sunk, in its care and respect for its own customers. Now routinely operating as a totalitarian regime without regard for their legal duty to consult with those affected tenants before changes are made.

This significant change to this private yard environment has not been mentioned, let alone any notice or consultation provided the tenants affected, as is their habit to neglect this estate, they treat Oval Road Estate as if it does exist in Gilbeys Yard

Planning Application - 2020/0473/P

Site Address Car parking area 80 Gilbeys Yard London NW1 8HB

Application Details

  • Application Number 2020/0473/P

  • Site Address Car parking area 80 Gilbeys Yard London NW1 8HB

  • Application Type Full Planning Permission

  • Development Type Commercial Extension

  • Proposal Installation of a temporary portacabin for use as a regeneration office/meeting room for a period of 2 years

They still don't seem to understand the boundary of the land they own on Gilbeys Yard, as was presented to them in 2017.

So here it is again, just CLICK HERE



SAT 8 Feb - Estate Safety Warning

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Rough sleepers continue to get into our communal areas

2020 February

This person was here all Saturday morning until a scared vulnerable neighbour reported it to the Police, who came and removed them, when One Housing should just secure the building, support their customers and relieve / reciprocate our under resourced and overstretched Police.

One Housing have a duty of care to make the building safe.

  • The external refuse store doors must be made strong enough

  • CCTV is needed in the 3 main entry areas - Refuse Store, Gateway and Mailroom Lobby

  • The inner refuse store door needs to have our fob key security to be able to get into the lobby

  • The rules of the tenancy need enforcing by One Housing in reasonable time on tenants and their visitors that compromise estate safety.

  • We need a housing officer / property manager that is competent, cares and has time and respect for customers.



Mon 13 Jan - Forced entry and Vandalism of Estate refuse store

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Rough sleepers continue to get into our communal areas

2020 January

Police CAD7782/13JAN20 - On the evening of Monday January 13th around 21:30, a problem tenant, who does not seem to have their own keys, with another person, were seen smashed their way into the building through the external refuse room doors, then dismantled and broke both strip lights in there, obviously to be able to sleep without the motion sensors turning the lights on and waking them.

This was reported and repaired the next afternoon by One Housing. Thank you to the electrical side of One Housing repairs and maintenance, who manage to provide a very good service and response, unlike the rest of One Direct Repairs and Maintenance we regret to say.


HOUSING SERVICE - One Housing - breaching their own policies and tenancies

2020 February

The behaviour of the organisation over the past year has been shocking with major changes to management and maintenance imposed without any consultation with the affected tenants

The tenancy agreement with One Housing (redacted pdf version attached) states twice that affected tenants should be consulted, quote:



b. The Association may, after consulting the Tenants affected, increase, add to, remove, reduce or vary the services provided.


12. Right to Consultation:

The Association will consult the Tenant before making changes in matters of housing management or maintenance which are a likely to have a substantial effect on the Tenant.

One Housing Group Tenancy Agreement 2013-01_Redacted.pdf

No consultation provided by One Housing for the major changes they have made to our frontline management and services

This is disrespectful and legally unsound




"Berkeley snaps up eight acres of Camden"

7 Jan - "Supermarket group Morrisons has confirmed that it has sold its Camden store to Berkeley Group for redevelopment."

2020 January

" House-builder Berkeley has agreed to pay Morrisons £85m in stages over the years of the project for the 40,000 sq ft supermarket and surrounding eight-acre site on Chalk Farm Road in north London.

Berkeley has also agreed to spend £35m on building a new Morrisons supermarket and convenience store on the site, making the whole transaction worth £120m to Morrisons.

The deal was reached after an extensive tender process. The site comes with planning permission for about 450 homes and 100,000 sq ft of offices. "



Peter Goldsmith seen on the estate

despite the Police Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) banning him from the borough of Camden for 5 years

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Police, One Housing and Camden Council have been made aware of this breach of CBO and Mr Goldsmith is wanted by the Police, so call 999 if you see him and it is safe to do so.

2019 November


Offensive weapon in refuse store AMONGST rough sleeper's belongings

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Police CAD5704/30SEP19 17:31 - The Ward Neighbourhood Police Team kindly picked up and took away the axe, then later the two rough sleepers, who had barricaded themselves in there, had to be removed also by Police ref CHS36409/30SEP19 23:21.

One Housing need to pull their weight.

2019 September


2019 September CAD5704/30SEP19 17:31


thank you to our Neighbourhood Police Team for all the help with crime and anti social behaviour around the yard and Camden Town these past few months...

2019 May - August



major changes to frontline services without consultation with affected tenants

2019 June / July

Just wish we could tell you exactly whats going on and what services we can now expect on our estates.

We have been trying to get written information from One Housing on all these changes since they implemented them in June 2019 without consultation or documentation >

One Housing have not provided monthly estate inspections for 7 months since the new "Property Management" department took over from the Housing Officers of the Housing department in providing and conducting estate inspections. Property Management have also taken down the 2019 estate inspections schedules that were on our notice boards.

Monthly Estate Inspections, with an advance yearly schedule put on estate notice boards, to enable tenants to attend, are a legal right and a One Housing policy

I quote the new department manager, who has since left One Housing :

5th July 2019

"I just want to take this time to formally outline the responsibilities of the new Property Manager role and how this service will look going forward and what you can expect from our team.

I would like to begin by ensuring that your June inspection was carried out by the Property Manager for the estate and we will continue to inspect the estate on a monthly basis. This inspection was carried out on the 17th June. Hannah will also be attending the walkabout on the 18th July and this will form part of her inspection for July. She does not have the capacity to visit the site routinely multiple times a month to conduct full estate inspections as she manages a number of properties in the area and must visit each of these on a monthly basis. On the 18th, she will be happy to discuss an estate inspection schedule that works for both of you and is sustainable.

As I mentioned when we met last month, the Property Managers will not be office based and will spend the majority of their time on site. As such you need to report any repairs that you notice through or via our 0300 123 9966 number. This means that the repair gets raised through the correct channels and does not rely on particular individuals being available in the office. Property Managers are not the first point of contact for residents in relation to repairs, ASB or tenancy issues. Having an office bases Customer Service Centre and Resident Management team means that residents can be confident that they will be able to reach someone who can help them when they contact us using these above details.

In response to the number of outstanding repairs you have outlined, I am sure you can appreciate that the Property Managers have only been in post for 4 weeks. During this time they have been picking up on both new and outstanding issues across their patches.

As it stands, Hannah can review the outstanding issues that you have noted and can discuss these further with you on the 18th. You will also be able to physically point out the issues that you have raised in relation to the strength of the doors at the lobby and the bin store. Hannah can also ensure that the noticeboards across Oval Road/Gilbeys Yard are updated with the new contact information. This role has been created to ensure that we are looking at our buildings and estates in a holistic way and so that we can ensure that issues on site are followed up with our specialist teams to ensure these are resolved.

I appreciate your frustrations however the changes I have outlined above are to ensure that we are able to offer the best possible service to our residents, with the safety and security of our residents being the primary focus of the Property Management team. As a valued customer of One Housing I do hope you will see an improvement as the new structure is implemented and we look forward to working with you as these changes take place.

I hope this gives you some clarity and some assurance that your concerns have been raised with the appropriate teams.

Kind Regards,

Holly O’Callaghan

Senior Property Manager"

Here is what the Property Management Officer allocated to our estates has to say:

"With regards to the One Housing’s Internal changes One Housing Group is committed to making continued improvements to the services which we provide to our residents. Following on from residents feedback and following approval from the boards (of which OHG residents sit on) we are pleased to implementing change with the sole focus on improving the customer services for our residents.

We appreciate that in the past queries got lost and there were some communications issues. To resolve this we have done a number of things.

  1. Consolidated 46 customer facing inboxes to the 1 customer facing inbox ASK so that queries are not lost and there is a clear tracking of the query. This also means that there is clear accountability as the query goes directly to the team who is responsible, as opposed to the previous method of residents being passed from pillar to post. This will also ensure repairs are picked up quicker as these queries often got lost or delayed when incorrectly addressed to the HOs or HOAs

  2. Split the HO and HOA functions and responsibilities in half creating 2 new departments. Resident Management and Property Management.

  3. The Resident Management team will be mostly office based and responsible for any tenancy and home ownership related procedures. There are several tears and within resident management who will handle different queries depending on the complexity of the case.

  4. Property Management will focus on building compliancy and the welfare of the building. Property managers will mostly be site based providing a proactive approach as they will be continually inspecting the block. Their assistants will be office based to action the PMs inspections and to answer any queries which come from ASK.

As you will appreciate the above is quite a lot of change in a small space of time. This means that it will take time to settle whilst outstanding queries are being addressed. However, we envision that once things have settled and remits have fully been established that residents should see queries been resolved at a quicker pace.

I hope this helps to clarify your query

Kind regards

Hannah Simpson

Property Manager

T: 0300 123 9966


Suttons Wharf South, 44 Palmers Road, London, E2 0TA"

See drop down above for detail

The service has effectively ground to a halt since all of this was implemented so clumsily.



Gilbeys Yard redevelopment finds a development partner

2019 July
6088 - CGY newsletter - fifth edition v4 (002).pdf



Ongoing Fire hazard from unsecured refuse room,

> due to One Housing not securing the building

Rough sleepers are abusing our communal areas, causing fire hazards burning drugs and compromising hygiene with their bodily fluids, yet no caretaking is being provided on the estate from One Housing to monitor and make safe in reasonable time and the cleaning has been terrible since estate services took over from Chequers

2019 June



Gilbeys Yard Estate Signage -

Only took 22 years

2019 May

In loving memory, and with thanks to our Super Housing Officer - Beverley Castle, we miss you <3

and a shout out to Jason and team of Greater London Locksmiths for a good professional job and being nice people to work with.



SUCCESFUL CBO APPLICATION thanks to our ward safer neighbourhood Police team

2019 April / May

CBO = Criminal Behaviour Order

One Housing Community Safety‏ @OneHousingASB

May 3

A big thank you to @MPSCamandPrim in particular PC Ryland, for her help with an ongoing injunction we had obtained which kept being breached. Thanks to further intelligence from residents they have been able to secure a 5 year CBO against the perpetrator! Great result for all!

Camden Town Police‏ @MPSCamandPrim

May 3

For years, Peter Goldsmith has been a one-man crime wave and caused endless distress and havoc to residents of #CamdenTown. Thanks to some excellent work by PC Ryland, he is now BANNED from the borough of Camden for 5 years! He can be arrested on sight. Great work!

Sergeant Dave Hodges

Camden Police

Camden Town and Primrose Hill safer Neighbourhood team have successfully applied for a Criminal behaviour order for Peter Goldsmith, who has subsequently been banned from Camden borough for five years as well as being prohibited from being in possession of any drugs paraphernalia for five years. This CBO is a result of a great deal of work from not only the police, but also local residents who had to put up with years of antisocial and criminal behavior from Mr Goldsmith. Hopefully this CBO will improve the quality of local resident’s lives and act as a deterrent to other prolific trouble makers.

One Housing Community Safety‏ @OneHousingASB

Apr 24

One Housing Community Safety Retweeted Camden Town Police

We have been working closely with @MPSCamandPrim in this case following obtaining an injunction that this male continued to breach. Amazing work by PC Ryland! Thank you from the team and our residents!


The Guardian Newspaper on One Housing...

'No one calls the housing association repairs line. There's no point'

Tue 11 Apr 2017 11.01 BSTLast modified on Tue 28 Nov 2017 02.13 GMT

Victoria Musguin says she has suffered flooding and loss of hot water for weeks at a time at her newly built flat

Victoria Musguin is a member of a social tribe at the heart of London’s mounting housing scandals: young professionals living in shared ownership properties in which housing associations retain a stake.

Musguin, 31, is a freelance film-maker who lives in Suttons Wharf North, a new development in Mile End, east London. The housing was commissioned and is run by One Housing Group, which oversees more than 15,000 homes in the capital and its surrounding counties. Close by is Suttons Wharf South, completed in 2009. Together, the two developments have benefited from £32m of Greater London Authority grants.

“We had problems from day one,” says Musguin, whose flat was built in 2012. “When we moved in, we turned on the taps in the kitchen sink and water flooded everywhere, including into the flat below us. And the boiler went almost immediately. We’d be without hot water for two, three weeks at a time. At one point, three flats would give each other their kettles so we could run ourselves a bath.”

At Suttons Wharf, residents say hot water outages remain a big issue, made worse by One Housing’s poor customer service. The housing association says it is aware of such outages, and is spending £150,000 “as we continue to work to resolve them”.

At a recent residents’ meeting which the Guardian attended, other issues raised included poor cleaning standards, wildly varying service charges, and an infestation of moths in one block, which was damaging people’s clothes and carpets. Over the Christmas period of 2015, one block was left without its main front door for a week, which meant that it was open to intruders.

At Suttons Wharf South, though One Housing claims that the association is not aware of any “outstanding reported defects”, the vice-chair of the residents’ association, Taz Kha’lique, says he and other residents have suffered an even bigger range of problems, including complete outages of hot and cold water; plug sockets and phone points with no wiring behind them, and incoming moisture because of faulty seals on windows.

Gabriela Boeing, who has lived in a shared-ownership fifth-floor flat in the same development for nearly six years, says as well as issues with leaking water, she and other residents have had longstanding problems with mice. She initially called in a pest control company who told her the creatures were getting into her flat through a “a big hole in the kitchen that they said was because of bad construction”.

In 2013, she received an email from One Housing’s home ownership adviser claiming : “I have had had no other complaints regarding mice at Suttons Wharf South.” Boeing says she knew of at least two other residents who had raised the same problem, which reflects a common theme in a lot of residents’ accounts: One Housing allegedly responding to complaints by claiming they are unique to a particular flat and therefore the resident’s responsibility, when residents know the issues in question are being widely experienced.

One Housing did not directly answer this point, but told the Guardian “we have robust structures in place to monitor incoming reports and complaints ”.

Musguin strikes a rather different tone. “No one calls the repairs line now,” she says. “There’s no point.”