Hallway - 4th Floor Ceiling - Water escape

Documented since 16th September, still unresolved 23rd October 2019

One Housing achievements so far on this urgent repair of communal water escape :

It has been left open and dripping for over a month now. There are two wheelchair bound residents that have to get past this to the lift from their homes on this floor, how are they expected to do this? This is abusive neglect.

One Housing have not provided monthly estate inspections for residents to attend for over 5 months now, when it is their policy to do so, monthly and to encourage attendance with the inspection schedule available on display for the whole year on our notice boards. THis schedule was unceremoniously removed in June when the property management department took over from Housing Officers, the schedule we are supposed to be on for 2019 is linked here and here are the outstanding issues accumulated from previous inspections

23rd October 2019

16/17th September 2019